ESI’s mission centers around three main objectives:

  1. School Feeding Programs.
  2. Sustainable Energy for All. and
  3. Scholarships in the fields of environmental studies and sustainable development.


ESI’s philosophy is to “create an enduring society by fostering a system of commerce, production, and design whereby each act is inherently sustainable and restorative.” ESI’s strategy to achieve this mission is to bring sustainable development to sub-Saharan Africa by applying the best practices in sustainable management and technology in order to create jobs, industry, educational and health opportunities and provide the means for alternative forms of energy use.  ESI undertakes sustainable development projects that it can use as showcase developments, train members in sustainable principles, and develop a supplier base for sustainable products, services, and technologies as well as teaching conservation: reduce, recycling, reuse, and regulate.


ESI’s vision is to become the premiere consultants in sub-Saharan Africa on matters relating to sustainable development and renewable energy with the goal of working together with the public, private, and corporate sectors to build a sustainable society.

Who We Are

Hello Friends of ESI,

This has been an exciting year for ESI.  We partnered with Feed the Future, a Liberian Community Based Organization (CBO), to support School Feeding Programs in Liberia.  With our support, we will help them feed over 6,000 students in six major public schools, K-2-K-8. Our fundraiser in April raised over $2,000 and we were able to provide the kitchen in Brewerville, where food for the children is prepared, with an EFI-100L institutional cookstove, capable of feeding over 400 children a day.  An EFI-100L was also donated to the Tufaie Charter School in Ganta, Nimba, County Liberia, where over 600 students receive school lunch daily.  The majority of students in Liberia (and most sub-Saharan African countries) cannot afford to purchase a meal at school and so go hungry, malnourished, unable to properly learn or concentrate on their studies.  School Feeding Programs, a simple meal at lunch, energizes these students, helping them to have energy, to engage, to learn, and provides a valuable incentive for parents to send their children, even girls, to school, because they know they will get a meal, a meal they as parents or family members cannot provide. SFPs thus have the added benefit of increasing education rolls while simultaneously nourishing children’s stomachs, and charging their brain power.
We are also implementing Sustainable Energy for All (SE4ALL) projects throughout Liberia, primarily focusing on the distribution of Improved Cookstoves (ICS) and Solar Home systems to energy challenged families in Liberia. With funds raised we were able to provide ICS and solar lanterns to two partner orphanages and the Ganta School of the blind.  Money for cooking fuel and expensive kerosine for light (or cheap expensive flashlights) create a huge strain for family budgets.  Clean/Improved cookstoves save families money and destroy the harmful emissions from the cooking process, making them a poverty alleviation product, as well as one that literally saves lives.  Solar lights also save a lot of money and provide consistent light for home chores and for the students to study, while also charging cell phones and running radio’s for information and entertainment.
Finally, ESI is providing scholarships for candidates who have successfully completed internships with energy product distributor SJedi Green Energy, in order to continue their education in the fields of environmental studies and sustainable development, producing the next generation of young leaders and entrepreneurs in these fields.  Interns are acquired as part of Mercy Corps PROSPECTS program that finds and trains young entrepreneurs to place them in local business and to improve their business skills.  After a 56 day internship, the local business can keep them, or refer them to the marketplace with an improved resume and newly acquired business skills.  SJedi interns who perform well can compete for scholarships to pursue environmental studies and sustainable development, particularly as it pertains to business.  Three scholarships were given this summer for interns to study in the fall.
ESI would like to thank everyone who has contributed to our cause and continue to support and volunteer with us as we fight to make a difference in our small corner of the world.  Liberia has gone through some very tough times lately.  The Ebola crisis was a terrible tragedy that resulted in a horrific loss of life, and livelihood and left Liberia’s economy devastated.  They need our help more than every as they recover from Ebola, and all the other arrows that afflict this highly undeveloped nation.  Thank you for your continued support, it means the world.
We have an upcoming fundraising campaign starting Nov 1st and lasting until December 31st.  All funds will go toward continuing these programs.  We have a new staff in place in Monrovia and they are eager to perform and implement projects on the ground. 
Thank very much.
Peter Adolphus Gbelia, Jr
Executive Director
ESI is a 501(3)(c) nonprofit and all donations are tax deductible.  


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