Our Top Mission…

is to help everyone and bring them a better life.

Who We Are

The Empowerment Society International (ESI) was formed as a nonprofit corporation in Arizona on December 12th, 2003. ESI was granted IRS (3)(C) status September 15th, 2005. The purpose of the ESI is to bring sustainable development innovations and knowledge to sub-Saharan Africa. ESI’s motto is to “Build a Sustainable World, One Individual at a Time…” ESI is a member of the Earth Charter.


ESI’s vision is to become the premiere consultants in sub-Saharan Africa on matters relating to sustainable development and renewable energy. Corporate, public, & private sectors working together  to build a sustainable society.


ESI’s philosophy is to “create an enduring society by fostering a system of commerce, production, and design whereby each act is inherently sustainable and restorative.” ESI’s strategy to achieve this mission is to bring sustainable development to sub-Saharan Africa by applying the best practices in sustainable management and technology in order to create jobs, industry, educational and health opportunities. 


ESI’s mission centers around three main objectives: School Feeding Programs, Sustainable Energy for All and Scholarships in the fields of environmental studies and sustainable development.

For over a decade

We have been providing sustainable energy to Africa

The majority of students in Liberia (and most sub-Saharan African countries) cannot afford to purchase a meal at school and so go hungry, malnourished, unable to properly learn or concentrate on their studies.  School Feeding Programs, a simple meal at lunch, energizes these students, helping them to have energy, to engage, to learn, and provides a valuable incentive for parents to send their children, even girls, to school, because they know they will get a meal, a meal they as parents or family members cannot provide. SFPs thus have the added benefit of increasing education rolls while simultaneously nourishing children’s stomachs, and charging their brain power.

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Lives We Saved

Liberia villagers have been helped to date
Buduburam Refugees have been freed from camps
Man hours working with the Nimba County officials
Gender Based Violence Counseling and Self-Defense Training

How we help

Educational Programs

Provide Scholarships

ESIs Peter Adolphus Gbelia Sr. Scholarship Fund. ESI is providing scholarships for candidates who have successfully completed internships with energy product distributor SJedi Green Energy

Training & Support

Provide Knowledge

ESI has been working with The Tufeia Foundation providing training, administration and technical support

Health Initiative

Health Is Life

ESIs evolving health capacity building project includes assisting the villages with developing a means of delivering some form of health care given the extreme shortage of providers.

Cook Stoves

Sustainable Energy

We are distributing Improved Cookstoves (ICS) and Solar Home systems to energy challenged families in Liberia

Stopping Hunger In Africa

Here at ESI we are passionate about bringing sustainable energy to Africa. No child should go to school hungry.

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