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We partnered with Feed the Future, a Liberian Community Based Organization (CBO), to support…

School Feeding Programs in Liberia.  With our support, we will help them feed over 6,000 students in six major public schools, K-2-K-8. Our fundraiser in April raised over $2,000 and we were able to provide the kitchen in Brewerville, where food for the children is prepared, with an EFI-100L institutional cookstove, capable of feeding over 400 children a day.  An EFI-100L was also donated to the Tufaie Charter School in Ganta, Nimba, County Liberia, where over 600 students receive school lunch daily.  The majority of students in Liberia (and most sub-Saharan African countries) cannot afford to purchase a meal at school and so go hungry, malnourished, unable to properly learn or concentrate on their studies.  School Feeding Programs, a simple meal at lunch, energizes these students, helping them to have energy, to engage, to learn, and provides a valuable incentive for parents to send their children, even girls, to school, because they know they will get a meal, a meal they as parents or family members cannot provide. SFPs thus have the added benefit of increasing education rolls while simultaneously nourishing children’s stomachs, and charging their brain power.