Nimba County Health Services Capacity Building Program

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ESI will embark on a one year mission to the Liberian city of Ganta, in Nimba County, to help build the capacity of the only major hospital in the north of Liberia, the Ganta Methodist Church Hospital. ESIs evolving health capacity building project includes assisting the villages with developing a means of delivering some form of health care given the extreme shortage of providers. ESI hopes to create a Community Health Aide Program (similar to the ones used in Alaska and other USHS programs) to supplement the Ministry of Health’s current strategy to meet the health care needs of its citizens. These CHAs supplement the Ministry of Health’s (MoH) Basic Packages of Health Services system as well as assisting the nursing staff and midwife programs in rural villages like our SV. The additional duty the CHA serves is one of data collector and helps tabulate the medical data on the SV citizens for the MoH.