Liberia Project: “10,000 Clean Cookstoves and Solar Lights Distribution Project, Liberia 2017”

This year beginning in May 2017, ESI and local implementing partner SJedi Green Energy, will partner with the many campaigns in Liberia to deliver 10,000 Clean Cookstoves and Solar Lights products to many communities throughout Liberia.

2017 is a special year in Liberia.  President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, Africa’s first female president, is stepping down after 12 years in office.  The new presidential elections will occur in November and all the presidential and political campaigns are heading to their communities throughout the country to explain their platforms for Liberia’s future.  ESI and SJedi will partner with these many campaigns to help deliver these valuable cookstoves and solar lights to the many rural communities located deep in the jungle or on the periphery of city centers.  In this was we will be able to reach many more communities than we would usually have the opportunity to reach.

ESI needs to raise almost $50,000 in order to provide clean cookstoves, solar lights, and subsidies to make these life saving products a ail able to these communities.  With your support, we will reach our goal in this very ambitious and significant year in Liberia’s history.

This year, ESI is not just delivering these sustainable and life saving products to our beneficiaries, but we are turning the discussion to the topics of sustainable development, to environmental protection and stewardship, to health, specifically women’s health, to poverty alleviation, and finally to women’s empowerment.  In an all male presidential field, these are very important issues to keep the focus on as Liberian’s choose their next direction.

ESI and SJedi’s project to deliver 10,000 Clean Cookstoves and Solar Lights to communities throughout Liberia will focus discussion on the important topics of sustainable development, while immediately improving the lives of women and children, helping to alleviate poverty, and fighting climate change.  Our project will create 30 direct and 300 indirect jobs adding much needed economic growth, while positively affecting the lives of over 50,000 beneficiaries.

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